The Company

The Acqua di Toscana San Felice bottling plant was built in 1964, nearby the spring, and it is supplied through a subterranean pipe. Since 2006 the company belongs to the Piazza Navona srl, part of the Italian Dei group together with Travertini Dei and Cantine Dei. The same year the premises and plants underwent a significant renovation and restoration project and today Acqua di Toscana San Felice, with a capacity of over 100 milion bottles per year, reaches the production of 12.000 bottles per hour thanks to a brand new high tech bottling system. The choice of a classic Bordolese ultra-white bottle, a stunning and elegant foil label, the registered copyright Acqua di Toscana and the exceptional quality of the water, positioned in just a few years Acqua di Toscana San Felice as one of the top choices for upper class restaurants, wine bars and hotels in Italy, throughout Europe and also Australia, Canada, Korea and Russia. Though remaining passionately focused on its place of origin, Tuscany, the company is expanding its goals with the aim of stepping up exports further.

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